Q. What is the Maisha Health Fund?

A. Maisha Health Fund, Formerly Steward Health is a medical insurance company under the Cassava

Smartech group.

Q.What packages are available?

 Active                    School Cover,

Starter .                       Starter Plus

Vitality                               Zest

Standard                         Classic

Classic Plus               Burial Society

Q. For who are the packages available to?

A. The packages are available to individuals, families, students and corporate groups.

Q. How much will my monthly contribution cost?

A. Monthly premium costs differ as per the package you choose Click HERE to view our packages

Q. How does one apply for a health package?

A. One can sign up online or download the application form online submit at our offices.

Q. What benefits come along with the packages?

A. Benefits include access to private hospital wards, low claims bonus, little to Zero Shortfalls and Free Ecosure funeral payout, hospital cashback(Active, Zest, Vitality)

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